Regardless of how amazing you envision your new house to be, it is only as good as the foundations it is built on. The excavation process must be completed before any construction can begin, and it is essential that it is done properly. Without solid foundations, your new home may not be stable and could result in costly ongoing remedial work.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is House Site Excavation?

House site excavation refers to the work that needs to take place before any building can take place. It ensures that your home can be built properly and can involve some, or all, of the following:

  • demolishing existing structures¬†
  • land clearing
  • stump removal¬†
  • levelling and grading
  • installation of retaining walls
  • digging trenches and holes for subfloors, pilings or stumps.

What Happens Next?

Proper drainage will need to be added. This usually occurs as part of the excavation process. Trenches also need to be dug for sewer pipes and plans made for the connection of other essential services such as water. Your builder will usually keep you informed of all the preparations, as well as when the building site is ready for the subfloor to be installed and construction of your home can begin.

Site Cut Excavation Tutorial

Check out this great tutorial on how to get your site cut technique right!



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